Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle is one of the best alternatives to traditional surfing, especially with the still waters of Dubai. It is super fun, with the added bonus of giving you a full-body workout. One of the many advantages of SUP is that unlike other water sports, SUP allows you to enjoy the sport in the company of friends, so you can enjoy a good chat while paddling away!

Paddleboarding goes way back to ancient Hawaiian roots and is now an exciting sport practiced around the world. It involves the use of what looks like a surfboard with the addition of paddles used by the rider to propel them and the board towards a finishing line or across a specific course of flat waters. Paddleboards can be used lying down, kneeling, or standing. Paddleboarding has incredible health benefits as the balancing involved works on your core while the paddling tones your arms. It is a great workout for your abs too with so many people praising Paddle Boarding for stimulating six-pack developments!

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